LINGVUOSO is the first and the only foreign language learning method based on the neuroscience approach, muscle memory and the Talking Parrot effect!

You will speak fast and fluently after just two months without any tutor!

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Speak fluently after two months


Study can be done at any convenient place


Suitable for any age group

You can learn and speak any language!

In this rapidly changing world we need to adapt quickly and we find ourselves in a reality not encountered before. To survive we must  find  new ways of doing even usual things. After all, life cannot be paused, therefore LINGVUOSO offers everyone focused special online lingvo sessions — a universal key that is suitable for independent study of any foreign language.

My name is Jason Lee and I can now speak 6 languages

I am in a business of training all  people who need my services: common people, celebrities, millionaires, billionaires and those who want to work for CIA as Directorate of Operations Language Officer, Foreign Language Instructor, Open Source Collection Officer or Open Source Exploitation Officer. Please, click on the links below to discover what job opportunities and what salary and bonuses you are missing without training I can give you within few hours. I teach online face-to-face.

Before applying for jobs at CIA please, contact me and get special training. It will give you a confidence, as well as special language and teaching skills along with readiness to get the job of your dream.

During your lingvosession I will personally teach you how quickly and easily learn any language without a personal  tutor

The only thing you need is an audio recording of the text and the knowledge of the LINGVUOSO method. Using just a smartphone or any device to play audio recordings, you will start speaking your chosen language literally from the first minutes. The secret of this is that during your online lingvosession you will learn and understand how to work with text and voice acting correctly: listen, repeat, correctly pronounce then, when is the right time to move to the next lesson. 

Foreign language for everyone

This technique has been developed, practiced and improved over 35 years. During thousands of hours study with students I discovered how to maximize the use of the unique abilities of each person. When the brain listens, perceives and automatically adjusts the speech apparatus. It is similar to playing the piano or riding a bicycle, because these skills — at the subconscious level of body or muscle memory, do not disappear even over the years. It does not matter where or what time you study — at home or on a trip, in a park or university, on a walk or in a cafe, even during a lunch break, any free minute can be utilized to learn.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a sign of success

My proven and unique method will also help people who have found learning languages difficult in the past. It suits absolutely everyone: learn the language from scratch or interested in in-depth study, for young children, students or adults, for people with completely different abilities. If you have a desire to learn a foreign language, but consider it unrealistically or too difficult, LINGVUOSO is perfect as it will let you get the result you seek. Of course, there are people with natural predisposition to languages, but this does not mean that others cannot learn foreign languages.

Making a wish in a foreign language

Making a wish to speak a foreign language or learning any language is no different from any other learning activity. Only an effective technique and the correct formulation of the problem are important. During our lingvosession you will learn how to constantly, step by step, improve your level and at the same time maintain personal motivation. I will even teach you how to choose the right book for learning even Navajo, Igbu, Yoruba, Kiswahili, Yiddish, Korean, Chinese, Ruthenian or any other language. The book  must have audio recording of texts and dialogues. I will  teach you how to:

  • easily overcome the language barrier,
  • understand the features of pronunciation,
  • learn communication skills in standard and critical situations,
  • fill in lexical, grammatical spaces.

I will share the secrets of learning a language with you — not only will you be able to speak a new language for yourself, but also think, easily count, and make innermost desires in that language. 

Why is it useful to know foreign languages?

The very process of learning any language develops the ability to learn and explore, literally changes the personality, enriches the understanding of reality. It keeps the mind active in older age and also expands learning ability in younger people. There are many pros to cite, here are just a few:

  • Travels & Emigration
  • Career & Self improvement 
  • Applying for Multi-national Corporate employment 
  • Communication and support of well-known personalities 

For actors, owners of big businesses, doctors, celebrities, people who are employed but do not have time or money to attend courses or even online classes, LINGVUOSO is an ideal methodology and  successfully used for many years already.

Only one lingvosession can save your money, time, energy and even health!

You pay once for an online lingvosession and start speaking any language! No need to attend with the teacher several times a week or pay for each lesson, freedom to study as and when you wish. LINGVUOSO method is very simple and very very effective!

Speak in any language and communicate!  It’s a big world out there waiting to speak to you! Order your lingvosession now!

Price: $300 USD. The more participants you bring with you, the less you pay. Contact me for more details.

Payment method: business bank account of my company in South Korea.

Speak in any language and communicate freely — order a lingvosession right now!

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